Institution Policy

  1. The College Functions from Monday to Saturday every week except 2nd& 4th The College working hours is from 9.15AM to 4.20 PM . The Class timings are between 9.15AM and 12.25 PM in the FN session. The Lunch break is from 12.25 PM to 1.10 PM. AN session is between 1.10 PM and4.20 PM.
  2. A staff member shall not leave the work place before the prescribed working hours. If one has to leave the work place for any unavoidable reason, prior written permission should be obtained from the Principal through HOD.
  3. The festival/ national holidays etc., notified in advance by the Principal shall be availed   by the staff as holidays.
  4. All teaching and non-teaching staff shall sign in the attendance register and bio-metric in time on all working days. Non signing of attendance shall be treated as absence. Late attendance will be treated as half a-day casual leave.
  5. The appointment order is issued based on the undertaking letter given by the faculty by stating their willingness to work in the institution for a minimum period of one year. All appointments shall ordinarily be made on probation for a period of one year. The Faculty member is treated as “Regular” on completion of one year service.
  6. Based on the experience / qualification, the basic pay, increment and HRA will be paid.
  7. The salary of the staff members will be directly credited in their account in the Indian Bank after tax deduction at source. Each member has to sign the acquaintance roll maintained in the administrative office within 10 days of every month.
  8. The EPF Scheme and the contribution as fixed by the Government will be deducted from their pay and the management will make a matching contribution.
  9. All the staff members and the students of our institute are covered by this insurance scheme. The premium is paid by the institute. In case of accident, the amount up to Rs.50, 000 can be claimed for students’ treatment and hospital expenses. Coverage for accidental death of an earning parent is for1, 00,000. An insurance coverage with a minimum of Rs. 2, 50, 000 and a maximum of Rs. 6, 00,000 is provided for a faculty member.
  10. The recruitment to all posts shall be based strictly on merit by the duly appointed staff selection committee.
  11. Based on the requirement, advertisement is given in the newspapers.
  12. Recruitmentis a process of identifying the jobs vacancy, analyzing the job requirements, reviewing applications, screening, short listing, sending a call letter to candidates and selecting the right candidate.
  13. The appointment is made after due approval from the  management through the Principal.
  14. There shall be only three designations in respect of faculty in degree level technical institutions as far as cadre structure is concerned, namely Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor.
  15. The promotion review committee is asked to submit the recommendation to the principal confidentially.
  16. The increment and promotion shall be granted as per Anna University/AICTE norms.
  17. Performance appraisal for faculty is carried out at the end of academic year and a filled in format has been obtained from each faculty comprising the details about results produced, students feedback, guiding projects, their contribution to the department and college, publication of` papers in Journals, presenting papers in conferences, attending FDPs / STTP / Workshops / R&D projects received, etc.
  18. The staff member will normally be relieved only at the end of the academic year. If he / she wants to resign, he/she has to submit resignation 3 months in advance. In the notice period, no leave is granted to the staff member. The management has the right to terminate the services of any staff who are in violation of the institute’s regulations or whose performance is thoroughly unsatisfactory.
  19. While getting relieved, all related documents entrusted to him / her should be handed over to the person nominated by the HOD with proper acknowledgement.