About Founder

Udyog Rattan Thiru.J.Sudhanandhen fondly known as J.S. was born on 21st September 1944 to an ideal couple M.Jaganathan and Muthulakshmi. He was the first son of his family.Thiru.J.Sudhanandhen commenced his schooling at Kalaimagal Kalvi Nilayam, Erode.He continued his schooling at Sengunthar Higher Secondary School, Erode. He did his PUC at PSG Arts and Science College, Coimbatore. Later on, he graduated B.Sc. from Presidency College, Madras.

His father M.Jaganathan was an ardent follower of Padmashri M.P.Nachimuthu Mudhaliar, an active socialist who dedicated his life for the welfare of the weavers’ society. He started the “Erode Weavers’ Cooperative Society (EROTEX)” in 1947.After his death Thiru.J.Sudhanandhen took the charge as Director of EROTEX(1967-1975). He was the President from 1975-1989 and 1991-1996(Totally 19 years). As the President of EROTEX, he increased the sales to a great extent by starting branches in many cities in Tamilnadu (Madurai, Trichy,Salem,etc.) and in other states like Andhra, Karnataka,etc. During his period as the President of EROTEX, he made a Weavers’ Colony called ‘Sudhanadhen Nagar’. It has 109 houses. At present, there is a Weavers’ Colony at Solar, Erode.

Udyog RattanThiru.J.Sudhanandhen

Thiru.J.Sudhanandhen had frequent opportunities to meet and work under Padmashri M.P.Nachimuthu Mudhaliar.This close association ignited the hidden passions of Thiru.J.Sudhanandhen for the welfare of the rural society. He was highly inspired by the principles of Padmashri M.P.Nachimuthu Mudhaliar. Thus at his tender age, Thiru.J.Sudhanandhen started his life as a social activist. All his strenuous efforts to uplift the society were supported by his Guru, Padmashri M.P.Nachimuthu Mudhaliar.Following the foot prints of his Guru, Padmashri M.P.Nachimuthu Mudhaliar, Thiru.J.Sudhanandhen had been the State President of “Thennindia Senguntha Mahajana Sangam”. He started so many branches state – wide. He was the responsible person for the rise of Sengunthar Community schools, hospitals and convention halls all over the state.Even at his young age, Thiru.J.Sudhanandhen was well aware of the hardships of the weavers’ society. He was always thinking and working for the welfare of the weavers. Hence, he was correctly titled “Nesavalar Nesan”. He had an ardent desire to uplift the weavers’ society. His service for the society brought him many laurels, recognitions and awards.


Thiru.J.Sudhanandhen was the President of South Indian Sengunthar Mahajana Sangam since 1987, consisting of 60 lakhs of people of the community.


Udyog Rattan Thiru. J. Sudhanadhen had made a great contribution in the field of education. His noble aim was to provide technical education for the economically backward students irrespective of community and caste. He wanted to provide opportunities for the students for whom professional education is a dream. He strongly believed that without education the progress of society is impossible. So, he put in his strenuous efforts to provide education for the students of all walks of life by establishing educational trusts. As he was passionately interested in providing education to the needy and deserved as his mission, he associated himself in establishing various educational institutions. To carry out this mission, he acted as the Correspondent of the following institutions

  • Erode Sengunthar Engineering College,Thudupathi,Erode-638 057 from 1995 –2010 for 15 years.
  • M.P.Nachimuthu M.Jaganathan Engineering College,Chennimalai,Erode - 638112 from 2001 – 2010 for 10 years.
  • M.P.Nachimuthu M.Jaganathan Polytechnic College from 1984 to 2003 for 19 Years.
  • Sengunthar Higher Secondary School,Erode.
  • Sengunthar Girls ‘Higher Secondary School,Erode.
  • Meenakshi Sundaranar Sengunthar Higher Secondary School,Erode.
  • Sengunthar Kalvi Nilayam Elementary School,Erode.
  • Sengunthar Nursery & Primary School,Erode.
  • Mottaiyappa High School,Vallipurathampalayam.
  • Lalitha Kalvi Nilayam Middle School,Erode.
  • Also, he was the President of Vallal Sabapathy Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai and Alumni Association of Sengunthar Higher Secondary School, Erode.

The greatest achievement of the educationist Thiru.J.Sudhanandhen was the emergence of M.P.Nachimuthu M.Jaganathan Polytechnic College. It was started in the year 1984 through M.P.Nachimuthu M.Jaganathan Educational Trust founded by him along with his Guru Padmashri M.P.Nachimuthu. Due to the untiring efforts of the Philanthropist, the Polytechnic College was upgraded to Engineering College in 2001with five UG courses and many new courses were started subsequently.

The main motive of the institution is to provide technical education to the economically deprived and underprivileged. The college is dedicated to the cause of Higher Education with the aim of raising the standard of the rural and downtrodden people. The college is run with the motto of service, not business. Many students are getting concession in fees including full fee concession.

Since the inception of the institution, the fee concession has been offered to the deserved students and it continues till date. For the students admitted in the academic year 2001-2002, an amount of Rs.2,60,000 was offered as fee concession and for the candidates admitted in 2002-2003, Rs.8,80,000 was provided as fee concession. In 2003-2004, Rs.15,94,000 was offered. In 2004-2005, Rs.18,22,600 was provided and in 2005-2006, Rs.14,48,000 was given. In the academic year 2006-2007, Rs.9,12,000 was offered and in the academic year 2007-2008, Rs.32, 02,500 was provided. In the academic year 2008-2009, Rs.40,28,800 was given and in 2009-2010, Rs.30, 22,600 was offered. In the academic year 2010-2011, Rs.12,86,000 was provided to the deserved students.

Along with the fee concession, providing quality education with high standards of discipline is the hallmark of this Institution. This is reflected in the alumni occupying very good positions in industries and institutions in our own country and abroad. Even after Thiru.J.Sudhanandhen life time, the concession continues for the deserving students of this institute. The present  Correspondent, Thirumathi Vasantha Sudhanandhen follows the foot prints of the former Correspondent and renders her service to the upliftment of the economically backward students. Many  students who were benefitted by the fee concession are working in various multinational companies and their standard of life has been improved to a great extent. They are the living examples of  the great service rendered by the legend, Thiru.J.Sudhanandhen to the society.

  • 2000-01,2001-02:Charter President, Rotary Club of Erode Cosmos, RI Dist.3200
  • 2001-02: Paul Harris Fellow
  • 2002-03: Chairman, Rural Self Help Project, RI Dist.3200
  • 2003-04: Chairman, Rotary International Dist. 3200 Conference.
  • 2004-05:
    • Regional Coordinator, Rotary Cenetary Year Projects, I Dist.3200
    • Member, Nominating Committee for Nominating the Dist. Governor: 2006-07, RI Dist.3200
    • Major Donor
  • 2005-06: Assistant Governor, Region XVII.
  • 2006-07: Member, District Consultative Committee.
  • 2007-08: Governor’s Special Representative
  • 2008-09: Adviser, Community Service.
  • 2009-10: District Adviser-District Awards.
  • He was the Director of the Erode Weavers’ Cooperative Society (EROTEX) from 1967 to 1975 for 8 years, President of the Society from 1975 to 1989 for 14 years and from 1991 to 1996 for 5 years. During his period EROTEX was selected as one of the best weavers’ cooperative Societies at State Level 3 times and at the District Level several times.
  • He was the Director from 1979 to 1989 for South Indian Cooperative Spinning Mills, Tirunelveli, the first Cooperative Spinning Mill in Tamilnadu.
  • He was nominated by the government of India as Director and represented the central government as the South Indian representative for the manufacture of different types of polyester yarns at Petrofils Cooperative Society Ltd. at Baroda in Gujarat for 15 years from 1986 to 2001.
  • He was the Director for All India Handloom Cooperative Marketing Society, New Delhi from 1999 to 2002.
  • He was the Director since 2000 for All India Handloom and Nippon Apparels Corporation Private Ltd., Chennai, jointly organized by M/S.Sumitomo Corporation Japan and All India Handloom Fabrics Marketing Cooperative Society Ltd., Delhi.
  • He acted as Vice President from 1979 to 1981 and as Director from 1981 to 1989 of the Periyar District Handloom Weavers’ Cooperative Societies Federation.
  • He was a member in the High Level Committee for Handloom formed by Government of Tamilnadu to redress the grievances of Handloom Weavers, as announced in the Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly in 1998.
  • Also, he was a member in the Advisory Committee from 1997 to 2001 and from 2005 to 2006, formed by Tamilnadu Government.
  • He was a member in Yarn Price Fixation Committee formed by Tamilnadu Government.
  • He was a member in Price Fixation Committee for Raw Materials of Erode District from 1997 to 2001.
  • Acted as President of Erode Weavers’ Cooperative Stores for a long span of 19 years.
  • Acted as President of Erode Cooperative Housing Society from 1980 to 1989.This Society was recognized as the best Society in the District during his period as President.
  • Member of Consultative Committee of All India Radio, Chennai for Programmes on Industrial Labour.
  • Member of Advisory Committee on Sales Tax for Erode District.
  • Member of Erode District Head Quarters Hospital Advisory Committee.
  • He was the Patron of Erode District Basket Ball Association, Erode District Chess Association and Erode District Cricket Association(First Patron of the club in 32 years)
  • He was the President of Erode District Chito Rieo Karata Club and Erode District Yoga Club.
  • He was the President of Erode District Snooker and Billiards Association.
  • In recognition of his great service to the Handloom Weavers, he was honored with Udyog Rattan Award by Indian Institute of Economic Studies personally presented by the then President of India Giani Zail Singh in 1985.
  • The title of Nesavalar Nesan was conferred on him by Santhalinga Ramasamy Adigalar of Perur in 1985.
  • The Best Cooperator Award by Erode District Cooperative Union in 2000.
  • The Best Youth of Erode Award by the Erode Jaycees Sangam in 1983.
  • Life Time Social Worker Award by Lions Club of Peach Park, Chennai.
  • Sevai Semmal (Dedicated Soul for Service) Award by Lions Club of Erode.
  • Sevai Semmal (Dedicated Soul for Service) Award by Cauvery Lions Club of Erode.
  • Anand Sevak Award by Paramahamsa Nithinyanantha Swamiji Bangalore.
  • Kalvi Kavalar(A great Administrator of Education) Award jointly by Tamilan TV and Viswava Seva Telemedia.
  • Sengol Yendhia Senguntha Semmal (A Noble Soul of Sengunthar with the Scetpre of Righteousness) Award by the T.V. artistes.
  • Achievers Award by Lions Club of Erode Sangini.
  • Life Time Achiever Award 2008 by Tamil Peravi, Erode.
  • Award of Excellence in Education in 2009 by Education Today.
  • M.G.R. – Humanitarian Award in 2010 by Idhayakani - A Tamil Magazine.