Staff Rules & Regulations

  1. The staff members shall not engage themselves either directly or indirectly in conduct of any business, trade, running of educational institution, part time job in other concern etc.
  2. The staff members shall not involve themselves in activities not related to their work during working hours. They have to read relevant magazines, papers, books etc., during working hours.
  3. The staff members are strongly encouraged to participate in consultancy projects with the permission of the Management subject to the conditions prescribed by the Management.
  4. The staff members are prohibited from accepting valuable gifts in any form from the Students/ Parents / Companies having business transactions with the college.
  5. The details of Student feedback forms and performance appraisal reports given by the superiors shall be treated as confidential.
  6. Any breach / violation of any of the above Code of Conduct ( COC ) by the staff or any other act by him / her which is prejudicial to the interests of the institution will make him / her liable to disciplinary proceedings and punishment on enquiry and proof.
  7. The recruitment to all posts shall be based strictly on merit by the duly appointed staff selection committee.
  8. Performance appraisal for faculty is carried out at the end of academic year and a filled in format has been obtained from each faculty comprising the details about results produced, students feedback, guiding projects, their contribution to the department and college, publication of` papers in Journals, presenting papers in conferences, attending FDPs / STTP / Workshops / R&D projects received, etc.

Leave benefits and rules

Casual Leave

Total CL allowed to a staff is 12 days in a academic year. All staff members should attend duty compulsorily before and after the holidays i.e. Pongal, Diwali holidays etc. However, the total leave availed should not exceed 3 days including holidays. A minimum of half a day CL may be availed. All staff in the probationary period can avail CL one day per month.CL will lapse at the end of May 31st of every year.

Medical Leave (ML)

The staff can avail medical leave after completion of one year of service and total ML allowed to a staff is 8 days in a academic year. In case of genuine reasons of emergency and genuine medical certificate is to be submitted after the medical leave.

Maternity Leave (MAL)

Maternity leave may be granted to married female staff for a period not exceeding 3 months at a time during her confinement (both pre-natal and post-natal periods put together) with one month salary

Compensatory Leave (CCL)

Any staff detailed for duty on holidays and Sundays may be granted a Compensatory Casual Leave on a 1:1 basis, which must be availed before the end of the Academic Year.

Exam On Duty

Attending Anna University, Chennai examination related works is mandatory for all eligible faculty members. It includes Anna University Representative, Flying Squad Chairman, Theory & practical External examiner duty, Hall super indent duty, Central Evaluation Duty. The eligible faculty member(s) can avail max. 10 days per semester for above mentioned duty and he/she shall be permitted as per the order received from the Zonal office.

Other On Duty Related to Academic Work (OOD)

He/she is permitted to avail OOD for a period not exceeding 10 days in an academic year which includes paper presentation, attending conference, seminars, workshops, Invited as Chief Guest to other colleges, attending Doctoral Committee meetings, writing course work examinations for Ph. D. pursuing research scholars and Members of doctoral committee of others Universities & Autonomous Institutions.

Vacation Leave(VL)

Teaching staff are normally eligible for  two weeks vacation per academic  year (one week in winter and one week in summer) for  Non- Teaching staff  are normally eligible for a week vacation per academic year (3 days in winter and 4 days in summer) including holidays coming on prefix or suffix or middle.

The Principal has the right to prevent any staff member from availing a portion or the whole of the vacation if the service of the particular individual is considered essential.  Vacation leave can be availed only after completing one year of service. No leave or holidays can be combined with the vacation.

General conditions to avail leave

The leave application in respect of CL is to be submitted to the Principal through the HOD with alternate Class / Lab arrangements and other academic works in advance.

The staff member while sending the application for any leave shall make alternative arrangements to the duty assigned to him/ her. The details should be indicated in the leave application besides getting the acceptance from the substitute faculty staff for the purpose. The decision of the Principal on any leave application is final.